We have no desire whatsoever to cause any offense by these stipulations when we agree to the sale of our puppies, but have their best interests in mind.

The purchase of any  pup must be well thought over.

A puppy needs a great deal of time and attention especially for his training, cleanliness and obedience

Remember a dog is the mirror of his owner's own personality and will become what his owner wants him to become.


1/a) In order to protect our babies, we do not sell them for breeding purposes. It is nonetheless perfectly normal to want a pup  from one's own dog.
We are well aware that "Reproduction" does not in itself contradict harmonious doggy life as we ourselves breed our own dogs. They have the benefit of comfortable living conditions, and freedom and space.

Under these terms, for those clients wishing to have a litter, we desire as far as it is possible for us to give advice and guidance in order that the puppies will be of quality and contribute to the improvement of their race...through lineage  we can advise.
Any "Client" purchasing a puppy from us will be able to, if he wishes apply our own protocol of reproduction, in liason with our vets specialising in reproduction.
    b) We have become aware of the interest breeders (French and foreign) have for our lineages. This is why exceptions might be made under certain conditions.
Our retired dogs lead a comfortable, happy life at home and will never be sent elsewhere for retirement, their lives will end where they at home with our family. As we could never imagine being separated from our  "human" children we would never want to impose this psychological distress on our four legged friends.   
This is why we insist that  the future breeder purchaser  must agree to keep the dog they purchase from us at their home on retirement from breeding. They must respect fully the female (4 litters maximum between the age of 3 to 8 years with only 3 litters if the preceding two were large. We will be extremely strict on these conditions before selling a puppy. 

The animal is reserved and sold for personal and family enjoyment as a pet. Except by  special endorsement in the sales contract, there is no guarantee for competition or showing results of any kind.

2/ On purchasing a puppy, the buyer promises and guarantees :
            - That he is not a dog breeder nor acting as an intermediary whatsoever
-If he is a breeder we will include an endorsement in the sale contract in respect to the conditions listed in paragraph 1b

Our pups are only sold to responsible people, having contacted us and been accepted by us as future owners of our puppies.

    If misconduct concerning paragraph 2 is noted, the sales contact will become null and void, the puppy or adult dog will be taken back into our possession by any person we designate and brought back here as soon as possible. The total purchase fees will be kept as damages. The costs involved in the recuperation will be charged to the purchaser.

3/ The breeding dogs used (male and female ) are free of any congenital defects. (Hip &  Elbow Dysplasia,  good eye health), 

           Our puppies leave at the minimum age of 2 months

                      - wormed
                      - Having had their first course of  innoculations against;Canine distemper, Canine parvovirus, Infectious canine hepatitis and           Canine parainfluenza virus 
                      - Microchipped
                      - Under guarantee (the legal obligations for puppy sale under French law)
                      - Acquisition certificate
                      - All necessary documents including copies of  parent's exemption from  Hip and  Elbow Dysplasia, Eye defects

                            - A puppy kit will be given free of charge on the day of purchase

We propose to be available, as far as it is  possible for us ,  to give advice to you and your puppy during  his/her lifetime (training, care etc)

* If the purchaser finds himself unable for any reason to keep his dog, he promises in the contract to bring it back to us. He must NEVER sell or give the dog to another person except by written agreement from the breeder. We will not accept that one of our puppies goes from owner to owner (see above paragraph 1 b)

Sales fees of our :

Please contact us

The indicated fees are open to modification.
If a puppy has a serious defect upon leaving the breeders, stopping him from being confirmed as a pedigree dog at 15 months of age,  a 20% reduction on the initial price will be given

4/ For reservation, (even by telephone), a deposit of 300 € will be required. A reservation form with a copy will be sent, to be signed and one copy to be sent back to us with the cheque.

The reservation of a puppy will be confirmed once we receive the form and check of 300€. The breeder and the purchaser have one week to finalise the reservation, that is exchange documents from the moment of spoken agreement (by telephone or email)

If a reservation is made preceding the birth of the puppies, the breeder will only cash the check on the puppies arrival.

* The purchaser has the right to pull out of the aquisition but will lose his deposit, the breeder too has the right to pull out of the sale but will refund twice the deposit to the purchaser.

5/ For the puppy's health, the purchaser can come and choose his puppy when it reaches the age of one and a half months and in reservation order, (1st reservation 1st choice, 2nd reservation 2nd choice, etc)

6/ As the SALES AND GUARANTEE CONVENTION CERTIFICATE (Edited by the publication "Vos Chiens Magazine")  which you will receive on the day of sale, stipulates,every puppy and dog  sale comes under French  law which protescts both the breeder and purchaser .

Ownership rights: The purchaser becomes the rightful  owner of the dog on complete payment of the amount agreed; if the purchase is by check (3 checks maximum) on the complete receit of payment (Legislation 12 May 1980)

Before complete payment, yet in possession of the animal, the purchaser is legally responsible in matters of theft, accident, illness or death except those which are stipulated in the legal guarantee of purchase. The breeder will send  the B form of the identification card to the Société Centrale Canine, after complete receit of payment. In the case of non respect of contract on the purchaser's side, the breeder holds the right to take back or have the animal taken back at the purchaser's expense.

Guarantee: The animal is, from the day of delivery, guaranteed against the malformations and defects listed under Article 285-1* & 285-2** of the RURAL CODE and for the period of time stipulated in the statutory order 90-572** of June 28 1990.

- Article.285-1*

Are considered as redhibitory defects, in dog sales:
                                a) Canine distemper 
                                b) Infectious canine hepatitis

                                c) Canine parvovirus 
                                d) Dysplasia (for animals sold under the age of 1 year, the xray results undertaken up until this age are taken into account)
                                e) Testicular ectopy (for animals under the age of 6 months)
                                f) Retinal atrophy

For the infectious canine diseases mentioned above in a,b,c, the clauses under the Article 1647 of the Civil code do not apply until an initial diagnosis has been undertaken by a vet in the time granted by the Council of State.

- Article.285-2**

The time granted to the dog purchaser to begin the procedure of expert evaluation appointment  under the Article 290 for a report and undertake legal action  in view of rehibitory defects are laid down by the Council of State's statutory order.

- Copy of Statutory order N° 90-572***

- Article 1- The time granted to a purchaser to start expert evaluation proceedings in view of  a report of rehibitory defects  is laid down in Journal II of Title VI of Rural Code as 30 days for canine diseases or defects mentioned under Article 285-1 of Rural Code.

- Article 2- In the case of infectious canine diseases, the guarantee is invalid unless a provisional diagnosis is signed by a vet or vetinary doctor and made under the criterion laid down by the Agricultural and Forestry Ministry order and in the following cases: Canine Distemper (8 days), Infectious canine hepatitis (6 days) and Canine parvovirus (5 days)
-.Article 3- The time granted in Articles 1 & 2 of the present decree run from the delivery of the animal (date of receit). The time mentioned in the present decree is established according to the Articles 640, 641, 642 of Civil law proceedings.

- Article 4 -The ruling  of expert appointment is writ in the time granted under Article 1 of the present decree. This notification specifies the date of the expert's evaluation and summons  the purchaser to be present, the latter  can decide to be represented by someone of his choice. The expert evaluation can also take place without the parties involved. The competant judge can call for the start of the expert's evaluation in urgent cases or for  reasons of long distances , the parties will be informed of this decision as  quickly as possible .